About Us

About Us

We're a wellness center in Erie, PA focused on providing you with the best experience possible.

Guided by a commitment to safety and personalized care, we aim to inspire and support our community to excel in their wellness journey.

By using cutting-edge technologies, we strive to provide a transformative experience that accelerates recovery, enhances performance and nurtures overall well-being. Step into the future of recovery with us.

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Our Owner's Story.

Having battled an autoimmune disease for several years, I underwent surgery that finally allowed me to resume exercise in my daily life. As I was approaching my 50’s, returning to physical activity became quite challenging due to reduced energy levels and lingering effects of previous injuries.

The strain of exercise left  me feeling excessively sore after each workout. Besides hindering a quick recovery, the weight gains from sedentary lifestyle also came into play. Recalling a yoga instructor’s positive cryotherapy experience, I decided to try it out.

Not only did the cryotherapy sessions significantly boost my energy, it also alleviated the aches, pains, and post-workout soreness. Other treatments further elevated my energy levels, uplifted my mood, and fueled my motivation to work out, resulting in an overall sense of positive well-being, not to mention I was losing weight too.

Anne Maleno

However, upon returning to my hometown of Erie, I encountered difficulty finding any of these exceptional services. After months of research, I reached the resolute decision to introduce these transformative services to you. It is my heartfelt aspiration to aid in your recovery, alleviate your pain and enhance your youthfulness.


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What our clients say

Kathy D.
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I have benefited greatly from the cryotherapy and red light therapy. I have more energy, less pain and I'm sleeping better than I have in a l long time. Tricryo is easy to book and I always get right in!
Margo W.
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One of the best things I have done for my Inflammation. Monthly membership is affordable, and the staff is genuine and helpful. Highly recommend to anyone dealing with auto-immune disorders.
Dan K.
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If you haven’t tried out Tricryo yet you’re missing out. This place is amazing. The whole body cryotherapy helps so much with muscle recovery. You literally feel amazing afterwards. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. Anne(the owner) and her entire team are absolutely amazing! They greet you by your first name with a smile every time you arrive and genuinely care about how you’re feeling and doing. Do yourself a favor and try it out(not just cryotherapy, but all the things they have to offer). You can thank me later.
Vinne H.
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Love this place. Always accommodating to my busy days and jumbled calendar. The recovery and results have been a game changer in my athletic performance and my day to day tasks. I’ve noticed my sleep improve also along with my overall mood. This place is the golden ticket to add that extra level to your overall health.
Janet D.
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An exceptional experience! Anne and her staff are knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. The entire therapy spa is immaculate with a calming yet energizing feel. My arthritis feels so much better and I have more energy. Red light therapy is like a 10 minute beach vacation. Cryo therapy is an exhilarating adventure to the Artic. I highly recommend pressure therapy for muscle recovery and fatigue. The sauna is a weekly must to sweat way the stress on your body and mind. Bonus points as your skin, hair and overall mood improve!...Wonderful!
Lauren C.
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Tricryo is the best place to have opened this year. I fell in love with red light therapy. It's changed my life and I know that sounds over the top, but it's made a noticeable, positive impact on my life and specifically my mental health. I recommend it to all my friends.
Denise D.
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Exceptional! The cryo chamber energizes me pre-workout and improves my endurance. Red light therapy and Infrared Sauna are relaxing to ease muscle aches and tension. Anne and her staff are wonderful and ensure everyone has a pleasant and rewarding experience. I highly recommend giving the services a try and you will see both physical and mental health improvement.
Stacey A.
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OMG OMG OMG!!!! Please if you have not yet!!! you ALL need to go to Tricryo here in Erie, PA!! The staff is wonderful!! Anne and Crystal (there are more, don't know their names yet) are very wonderful and they get to know you and what you like!!! They even remember your name! Where can you go with that kind of service?? No where like this. So I have tried everything they offer here, Cryotherapy to help with my mid-section, compression therapy for my hips and legs, red light therapy, the sauna and the crypotank. Let me tell you they are ALL WOINDERFUL for my body and mind.

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